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TEDxLaxmiVidyapeeth believes to bring that happiness in oneself. It aims to make a more purposeful life in all the streams & ranks by revealing the secret to One Happiness is not in doing always what you are passionate about but rather it is being passionate about whatever you do.

TEDxLaxmiVidyapeeth 2022

The theme forTEDxLaxmiVidyapeeth 2022 is SYNERGY-THE POWER OF TOGETHERNESS.

True excellence is a product of Synergy.The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.Through TEDx -and taking synergy as a topic we can bring the great value of inspiration through thought-provoking conversations. The knowledge gained can be implemented for the betterment of society. A large number of employability can be generated and many people can get skilled and technologically sound.

Save the Date: TEDx LaxmiVidyapeeth 2022 - 18th December 2022